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Tinsley Standard Reference Resistors

Part No : SRR

Quick Overview

High Accuracy - Long-term Stability

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Tinsley Standard Reference Resistors 



Primary standards for voltage and resistance in calibration laboratories worldwide
Calibration reference for resistance and temperature bridges, such as ohmmeters and AC or DC temperature bridges

Special Features

  • High accuracy
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Low temperature coefficient
  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • Resistance range 1 to 10’000 Ohms
  • Frequency dependence 1 ppm up to 1,592 Hz (Model 5685


Tinsley Model Number Description
5685A1 Premium Resistor: 1 Ohm 2ppm
5685A2 Premium Resistor: 10 Ohm 2ppm
5685A3 Premium Resistor: 25 Ohm 2ppm
5685A4 Premium Resistor: 100 Ohm 2ppm
5685A07 Premium Resistor: 300 Ohm 2ppm
5685B24 Premium Resistor: 400 Ohm 2ppm
5685B16 Premium Resistor: 500 Ohm 2ppm
5685B1 Premium Resistor: 1K Ohm 2ppm
5695R1 Standard Resistor: 1 Ohm 5ppm
5695R10 Standard Resistor: 10 Ohm 5ppm
5695R25 Standard Resistor: 25 Ohm 5ppm
5695R100 Standard Resistor: 100 Ohm 5ppm
5695R300 Standard Resistor: 300 Ohm 5ppm
5695R400 Standard Resistor: 400 Ohm 5ppm
5695R500 Standard Resistor: 500 Ohm 5ppm
5695R1000 Standard Resistor: 1K Ohm 5ppm
5686A DC Standard Resistor 0.001 Ohm 0.02%
5686B DC Standard Resistor 0.01 Ohm 0.01%
5686C DC Standard Resistor 0.1 Ohm 0.002%
5615A High Resistance Standard Resistor - 100k Ohms 10ppm
5615B High Resistance Standard Resistor - 1M Ohms 20ppm
5615C High Resistance Standard Resistor - 10M Ohms 20ppm
5648 Temperature Controlled Enclosure
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