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Druck DPI620G-IS-L Calibrator without HART Communicator

Part No : DPI620G-IS-L

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Calibrator without HART communicator

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Druck DPI620G-IS-L Calibrator without HART Communicator

Easy to use, rugged and high accuracy Intrinsically Safe multifunction instrument for calibrating & maintaining process instrumentation. Its modular design and functionality means it can be  expanded over time and tailored to applications as needs change.  ATEX and IECEx approved for use in zone 1 and zone 2  classified hazardous areas. With an option that includes HART / Fieldbus communications, it’s our most powerful, simple to use and highest accuracy Intrinsically Safe calibrator yet.

The DPI620G-IS has been designed for the commissioning, routine maintenance and calibration of process instrumentation located within hazardous areas

• Modular, multifunctional system for electrical, frequency, temperature and pressure based instrumentation

• Embedded Field Communicators for configuring and calibrating HART, Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus devices

• Laboratory accuracy – 16 times better than a typical multimeter

• Robust and weather proof– drop and display impact tested, ingress protected to IP 55

• Touch / swipe display easy to use, quick to set up 

• Advanced application software, with 8 GB of memory, automates test procedures, stores data from field devices, calculates calibration errors, reports PASS/FAIL status

• Windows Desktop and file readers for images, Excel, Word and PDF


Features List


  • Multi-function: electrical, frequency, temperature and pressure parameters
  • 5 Channels for simultaneous measurement and sourcing of mA, V, Ohms, frequency, pressure, RTDs and T/Cs, HART, Fieldbus, `
  • ATEX and IECEx approval for hazardous zones 1 and 2
  • Simple and user friendly touch screen interface.
  • Quick launch menu applications such as DASHBOARD, TASK selection & FAVORITES
  • 1 year uncertainty for mA  0.016%RDG + 0.0065%FS
  • 1 year uncertainty for pressure from 0.025%FS
  • 31 plug ‘n play pressure modules from 25 mbar to 1000 bar (PM620 option)
  • Quick pressure generation from vacuum to 100 bar pneumatic or 1000 bar hydraulic (PV621/PV622/PV623 options)
  • Full HART, Foundation Fieldbus & Profibus communicator optionFully documenting – automated procedures, PASS/FAIL errors,  results storage
  • Interface to GE calibration software or other leading calibration software packages
  • Data logging up to 32Gb storage. Enough for a complete database of procedures & results
  • Hand held unit compact and lightweight - only 1.1 Kg/2.4lb.
  • Intrinsically safe Lithium-Polymer battery provides reliable power for a full 8hr shift


Rechargeable lithium ion battery P/N DPI620G-IS-BATTERY, universal mains adaptor P/N IO620-PSU and charger P/N DPI620-IS-CHARGER, test leads, DPI620-Genie IS calibration certificate, and quick reference guide.


The Druck DPI 620 Genii IS is an easy to use, rugged and high accuracy multifunction test and calibration system with optional full HART and Foundation Fieldbus communication for hazardous areas. It is the IS version of the highly successful DPI 620 GENII and replaces the DPI620 IS calibrator. It brings all the benefits of the DPI620 GENII with ATEX and IECEx approval for zones 1 and 2.


It’s GE’s next-generation instrument for the calibration, configuration and maintenance of electrical, frequency, pressure and temperature devices in measurement and control applications. DPI 620 Genii IS can measure and source a wide range of parameters simultaneously including mA, mV, V, Ohms, frequency, RTDs, T/Cs, and HART/Fieldbus digital signals.  It includes a loop power supply to energize devices and control loops and a stabilized DC voltage supply for ratio metric transducers. It has improved easy to detach battery pack that allows hot swopping in hazardous areas and includes an LED charge indicator to show battery condition without the need to turn the device on. With its versatility and power, it’s the only tool you’ll need for instrument and loop maintenance across demanding multi process parameters


From the beginning, the DPI 620 Genii IS system has been designed to be quick and easy to use. It incorporates an advanced touch screen and an easy to follow user interface with a flatter menu structure for faster working.  For example, 80 pre-defined routines are available from the TASK menu. Regularly used or customized routines can be saved in the FAVOURITES menu. The intuitive application based DASHBOARD and TASK menu provide single touch access to applications and configurations for the next job.


Whilst being compact and lightweight, the DPI 620 Genii IS is designed with field applications in mind. Its large high visible display can be easily read in direct sunlight and its robust, weatherproof design means it handles the toughest jobs on site.


The Druck DPI 620 Genii IS Multifunction Calibrator handheld unit forms the heart of a modular test and calibration system that can be tailored to particular tasks or upgraded as new tasks become necessary. The key components of the modular system are:


  • DPI620G-IS-L hand held unit. All high level functions including high accuracy multi-channel measure and source, documenting, data logging, 8Gb memory, USB connectivity and Windows desktop with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image and PDF file viewers. No Hart communicator option.


  • DPI620G-IS hand held unit. As DPI620G-IS-L but also includes fully featured communicator for HART. They include full Device Description (DD) Libraries and new DDs can be added very easily.  Transmitters can be cloned and configurations can be saved to memory


  • DPI620G-IS-FF hand held unit. As DPI620G-IS-G but also includes fully featured communicator for HART & Foundation Fieldbus.


  • DPI620G-IS-PB hand held unit. As DPI620G-IS-G but also includes fully featured communicator for HART & Profibus.


  • DPI620G-IS-FFPB hand held unit. As DPI620G-IS-G but also includes fully featured communicator for HART, Foundation Fieldbus & Profibus.


  • PM620-IS Interchangeable Pressure Modules 31 interchangeable pressure modules allow re-ranging and system expansion in seconds at a fraction of the cost of a new instrument. Modules are screw fit and do not require tools, seals or wired connections.  Modules are interchangeable between different GE Druck systems simplifying inventory and providing greater application flexibility. All 31 modules can fit directly into a PV 62X IS pressure generation station or up to 2 can be fitted to a DPI620 Genii hand held unit via the MC620-IS module carrier. All PM620-IS modules are intrinsically safe


  • PV621-IS, PV622-IS and PV623-IS Pressure Generation Stations. When pressure generation is needed, a DPI 620 Genii IS hand held unit and appropriate PM620-IS pressure module can be attached to a pressure generation station to form a high performance, fully-integrated pressure test and calibration system. The stations “quick-to-fit” adaptor and hose system do not require special tools and ensure leak free connections. This means damaged adaptors can be changed in the field without downtime or expensive repair bills. Each station can be fitted with optional pressure relief valves to protect the PM620-IS and device under test from over pressure.


  • PV621-IS generates from vacuum to 20 bar / 300 psi pneumatic pressure. Its high efficiency hand pump generates pressure quickly and easily. The volume adjuster allows fine adjustment and the precision release valve allows accurate setting of falling calibration test points.


  • PV622-IS generates from vacuum to 100 bar / 1500 psi pneumatic pressure. Its high efficiency hand pump generates the initial pressure and an intensifier quickly increases the pressure. An innovative none return valve means the pressure cycle can be repeated as required to increase pressure on the device under test. The PV622 is a safe and highly portable alternative to gas bottles and regulators and its high efficiency greatly simplifies generation at lower pressures. As with the PV621-IS the volume adjuster allows fine pressure adjustment and the precision release valve allows falling calibration test points to be achieved.


  • PV623-IS generates hydraulic pressure up to 1000 bar / 15000 psi. The self-contained unit has a 100 cc reservoir for hydraulic oil or pure water and a priming pump to quickly expel air from the system and connected devices. Once primed the screw press intensifier quickly generates the required pressure and allows fine set-point adjustment. Innovative design reduces the thermal effects of generating very high pressures so that the system stabilises very quickly.


  • MC620-IS Pressure Module Carrier. Attaches to a DPI620 Genii IS hand held unit (DPI620G-IS, DPI620G-L-IS, or DPI620G-FF-IS) to accept one or two PM620-IS pressure modules for individual or differential measurements. Being a simple screw fit, the modules require no tools, cables or seals to plug into the carrier. The “quick-to-fit” adaptor and hose system ensure leak free connections and means damaged adaptors can be changed in the field without downtime and expensive repair bills. Each channel is designed for safety and prevents venting if a module is not fitted or if it is removed with pressure in the system.
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