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Part No : EV-5000

Quick Overview

Digital Storage & Paper Printout

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Product Overview

The EV-5000 is ideal for mission-critical data acquisition applications where digital storage and paper printouts are required. Accepting
analog inputs, the EV-5000 is engineered to be a direct replacement for the field-proven Everest ® series of chart recorders from Astro-Med.
Eliminating the need for costly retrofits, the EV-5000 provides the same high quality charts, easy data review and permanent records. The
EV-5000 is also able to display real-time data using a waterfall chart on its large touch-screen display while simultaneously recording to high
capacity hard drives for offline viewing and post-processing.

The Everest series of chart recorders set the standard for reliability and ease-of-use. Retaining the best features of the original Everest, the
EV-5000 allows for greater accuracy, faster data acquisition rates and increased data storage capacity.

Product Highlights

• View real-time data on the 19” touch-screen display
• Easily installs in industry standard 19” racks
• Acquire sensor or telemetry data with 8 single-ended isolated or 16 differential analog inputs
• Secure critical data with removable high capacity hard drive
• Review historical data while recording
• Print recorded data on standard 16.3” (414 mm) Z-fold chart paper
• Synchronize and timestamp acquired data based on IRIG or GPS inputs


The Everest EV-5000 provides 8 single-ended isolated or 16 differential analog inputs. These inputs can be sampled at up to 200 kHz per
channel with high channel-to-channel and channel to ground isolation. Additionally, individual 16-bit analog-to-digital converters allow for
simultaneous sampling of all input channels. The EV-5000 accepts IRIG and GPS inputs for synchronization and timestamping of
acquired data.


Waveform data is displayed using a waterfall chart on a high resolution 19” touch-screen display. The user interface is customizable with
color coding available for easy signal identification and color change for signals that exceed thresholds. Historical data can
be viewed without interrupting the current acquisition.


Custom filters and increased signal quality can be created with user-programmable digital signal processing. The touch-screen
capability allows for instant markings on points of interest and annotation for later review.


The 500GB removable hard drive is easily accessible from the front of the unit and provides an additional layer of security. Easily exchange
hard drives for recording of classified and non-classified data.


The EV-5000 uses our patented thermal array printing process to provide a highly detailed permanent record of tests. Additionally,
EV-5000 paper charts include many features that make it easier to review acquired data:

• Print grids to eliminate paper skew
• Include annotations to highlight important events
• Label individual channels to identify important data
• Adjust trace thickness for readability

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