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Megger GEOLUX GL 660-1 Earth Fault Locator

Part No : GL660-1

Quick Overview

Earth fault locator for fault location in isolated systems

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Megger Geolux GL 660-1 Ground Fault Locator

Mains filter for direct coupling to live cables up to 660 V
Pulsed output current for easier detection of the test signal
Filter for the suppression large interference signals
Location of earth faults up to 150 kOhm
No switch off during the fault location required
No influence to the signal lines connected to

Important control, signal and supply systems, such as those for railway installations, hospitals, power plants or other industrial facilities, are designed to be potential free (for example IT systems) and are monitored by earth fault indicators in order to ensure safe and uninterrupted operation.

A single earth fault will cause no service interruption. Only with the occurrence of a second earth fault a high risk of partial or complete breakdown of the installation arises. For this reason, any earth fault must be located and repaired as fast as possible. This fault location is done by the Geolux GL 660-1. The GL 660 is directly connected to the faulty line with live voltages up to 660 V, and generates a low frequent signal which allows the tracing by a specific receiver along the faulty line to the fault position.


Earth fault locator with compensation supplied as:-

Receiver with compensation
Carrying strap,
Generator 5 Hz
Set of cables for generator
Probe for round conductor,
Reader clamp 100 mm compensated, Connection lead for reader clamp
Identification tongs 12 mm compensated
Carrying case for generator and receiver

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