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Sonel MIC-5010 Insulation Resistance Meter

Part No : MIC-5010

Quick Overview

Sonel MIC-5010 Insulation Resistance Meter

High Noise Immunity, Two-lead or Three-lead measurement. 

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Sonel MIC-5010 Insulation Resistance Meter

Insulation Resistance Measurement:

- measurement voltage any in the range of 50…1000 V at 10 V and 1000...5000 V at 25 V resolution,
- continuous indication of measured insulation resistance or leakage current,
- automatic discharge of measured object capacitive voltage after the end of insulation resistance measurement,
- acoustic signaling of 5 seconds intervals to facilitate capturing time characteristics,
- metered T1 , T2 and T3 test times for measuring one or two absorption coefficients from the range of 1…600 s,
- adjustable measuring time to 99'59'’,
- polarization index (PI) and dielectric absorption ratio (DAR) measurement,
- indication of actual test voltage during measurement,
- 1.2 mA and 3 mA test current,
- step voltage insulation resistance measurement (SV),
- Dielectric Discharge calculation (DD),
- protection against measuring live objects,
- measurements with test leads up to 20 m



Other features include:

  • Digital filters function for measurements in high noise enviroment (10 s, 30 s , 60 s).
  • Continuity measurement of protective connections and equipotential bonding in accordance with EN 61557-4 with current > 200 mA.
  • Adjustable limits for measured resistance RISO and RCONT.
  • Measurement of leakage current during insulation resistance testing.
  • Measurement of capacitance during the measurement of RISO.
  • DC and AC voltage measurement in the range of 0…600 V.
  • 990 cells of memory (11880 records) with the capability of wireless data transmission to a PC (with the USB-OR adapter) or through a USB cable.
  • Power supply from battery packs, low battery warning indicator, built-in fast charger.
  • Keyboard and display backlit.
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